portfolio // JEFF BELLANTONI
Moving Type: Designing for Time and Space; 2000; co-author & designer. The book contains numerous sequences on CD-ROM. Many of these sequences were also used in the follow-up title Motion Design: Moving Graphics for Television, Cinema and Digital Interfaces.
Bruce Mau lecture poster; 2010
Poster for Sally Mann lecture; 1999
VCU dance department poster; 1994
Type in Motion; 1999; co-author & designer
Mercy College exhibition poster; 2006
William Benton Museum of Art exhibition catalog; 2000; AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers selection: tinyurl.com/7jh78zk
Book cover and interior spread for The Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui New Zealand; 1996
Awareness poster for international students at Wanganui Polytechnic, New Zealand; 1996
Atrium Gallery exhibition poster, University of Connecticut; 1999
University of Connecticut, Department of Art and Art History catalog; 1998
VCU dance department poster; 1994
Book designed with students at Wanganui Polytechnic; 1995
Center for Digital Arts at Mercy College booklet; 2002
Stills from time lapse film shot on Super 8, on the train from Virginia to NYC; 1990's.
Red Hook Terminal (Brooklyn); Personal photographs; 2003
Pratt ComD Design Lecture Series Poster; 2009

Cover for course bulletin; 2002
Subscription mailer for the design publication Zed; 1996
VCU Graduate publication (spread); 1993
Poster designed for a graduate workshop while a student at VCU; 1993
As Chairperson of the Graduate Communications Design department at Pratt, I have conceived and directed several initiatives, serving as both client and art director.

1) The department website is a robust social media site
for students, faculty and the public. It includes a calendar
of events, the student blog “kerning point”, an LMS for courses, and user editable profiles–including facebook
and twitter feeds. Students and faculty can post work
on the site as well. The website was coded and designed
by Q Design.

2) Department poster; 2011. Designed by Q Design.
Department poster; 2011. Designed by Q Design.
I initiated a minor remodel and an active exhibition program in our department gallery at our Chelsea NYC campus location.
It is also home to the MFA Communications Design exhibition each spring semester.
David Chang, calligrapher; 2011
Collected, 2012. An exhibition of a collection of classic posters and books.
Firebelly (Chicago design firm); 2010
Paul Corrio, paintings; 2012
MFA, Communications Design Thesis Exhibition; 2011
Graduate Communications Design department, 40th Anniversary poster; 2012
Pratt collaboration with Hennessy; 2012 & 2013 (view on youtube)
During the summers of 2012/3, I selected and advised an interdisciplinary team of students from Pratt to participate in a sponsored studio with Hennessy (makers of cognac) as part of the Never Stop Never Settle advertising campaign. Students were invited to create work inspired by the theme "chasing our wild rabbit" ... that often uncontrollable inner drive to push the limits of our potential, achieving our sense of purpose in life.

The students worked with the artist Futura in 2012, and with Brazilian artists Otavio Pandolfo and Gustavo Pandolfo—“Os Gêmeos”, in 2013.
Pratt MFA poster; 2013. Spot color on green newsprint
ICFAD book cover design; 2019